It was very reassuring to talk through my fears and anxieties in a calming atmosphere with a very kind and understanding counsellor. I have gained personal insights and learned coping strategies and am able to function better day by day.
Client who presented with anxiety and stress from work and home life.

I have found the counselling experience very helpful and believe I have been understood accurately, and given important coping strategies to help me through this very difficult time.
Client with very close family member  who committed suicide

I have felt very supported throughout my sessions and gained valuable insights and techniques to cope better in my marriage and at work. I feel better about myself. and am learning to be more accepting and relaxed. I found Mei to be extremely helpful and accommodating.
Client with high anxiety levels affecting his marriage and confidence at work .

I have learnt new techniques to help me manage my life which I feel have helped me massively. I feel much better about myself and can cope better with personal relationships.  It has been a literal life-saving experience which I am so grateful for.
Client who came to counselling after taking and surviving an overdose.

Mei is a very relaxing caring person. I have been able to chat with her as if she was a friend. This has helped me gain coping techniques and improved my personal relationships.
Client who presented with Asperger's and panic attacks

I would like to thank Mei for being understanding;  I was not looking forward to counselling at first. It has enabled me to express myself and explore my feelings. Now I understand the root causes of my problems and feel better about myself.
Client who was signed off work for 2 weeks as a result of harassment

Mei was an excellent professional who was patient and understanding and has made a real impact. Counselling has allowed me to express and explore my feelings about my OCD and I  have gained insight and understanding as well as coping strategies. I have learned how to ease up on my checking behaviours.  I've regained my old self and my family and I are in a much better place now.
Client who presented with severe OCD behaviours.

I really appreciate help and understanding Mei has given me over the last 6 weeks. I am able now to express my grief instead of bottling it up, and the mindfulness techniques have helped reduce my anxieties. I am closer to my family now and it has helped me return to work quicker and cope more efficiently at work.
Client who presented with work stress compounded by recent bereavement